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Gute Funktionsjacke

Ich bin mit der Jacke sehr zufrieden. Sie ist leicht und richtig winddicht. Verarbeitung scheint mir auch gut. Zur Passform: sie ist recht eng geschnitten, aber die Ärmel sind eher lang und sie geht auch weiter am Rücken herunter. Zum unter die Kombi tragen könnte das ein wenig stören. Aber als Jacke zum draußen Sport machen bei kalte Temperaturen oder für kühle Morgen/Abende im Fahrerlager deswegen sehr gut.

Erstellt am: 12.04.2021

Good inner material. average design, poor outer material.

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+ Primaloft gold inner material - Top quality and warm keeping properties. Normally used in quite expensive touristic gears.
+ 420g weight for size M.
+ Can be compressed quite well, not as good as goose down, but really nice level for a synthetic material.
+ Motorrad design - stretching panels under the armpit, light reflectings panels, big pockets.

- Long sleeves. I supposed it must work on superbikes, when you riding in a "shrimp" position, but looks a bit strange when you are out of bike. and who will but a softshell layer for a superbike?!
- Long overall design, it is going out 1cm out of my BMW Rallye jacket (size 50), guess it will be like a women dress with my A-stars sport style leather jacket.
- No, I took correct size, I feel it on a limit in chest.
- Outer material get all dust and hairs on it.
- Some super small threads coming out from the seam thread. Not threads itselves but particles of the threads. Not critical, no influence on performance, but looks a bit cheap.
- I was expecting much better look from A-stars.
- Overall desgn really so-so, my girfriend commented this jacket design by keeping silence, what is defenetely not a good sign =)
- Had bought it middle of Feb for 83.99€, just received it and fouf that it was 58.78€ already. Of course it is a discount, but sad for me.

I would reccomend it if you are tall and skinny and looking for a performance only. It might be a good choise now for current price if you are lets say 185-190cm and 80-85kg. It is defenetely does not cost 120€ or even 80€. Good solution for 50€. Would rank it as * personally, but gave *** only because it might be a good option for tall and skinny guy who wants to get more warmth on back and kidney zone.
Again, it is not rubbish, but does not bring any happiness or "WOW" effect. I would send it back if had been located in Europe, but won't do so, because international delivery costs almost a half of the jacket's price.

I am 182cm and 82kg. Always wear size 48/50. I take 48 when want get slim and stretching look and 50 when want more freedom.

Erstellt am: 11.03.2021
Kaufdatum: 19.02.2021
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