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quite okay..

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I'm dissapointed with the product, had expected it to work better i'm not used to louis selling bad quality items.
I installed the gel pad in my sadle during the winter, it was way to hard during those cold tempratures.
During spring the gel pad was quite nice, but during hot day's the pad becomes excruciatingly hot, even though i installed a softlayer cloth on top of the gel pad before putting the leather back on the saddle.

Had expected the gelpad to preform better but it was this or tossing and then replacing the worn out saddle, if i have to chose again i wouldn't order a gel pad but will go with a foam filler.

Not a very practicle option if you travel year round if you only travel when tempratures are above 15 degrees it could be nice, be mindful not to park you're bike in the sun because the gel stay's hot for atleast 45 minutes.... I also don't really feel any magic happening for the prefention of getting a numb butt.

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Kaufdatum: 20.12.2019
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